Modern Swedish Airforce Set Vol I

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Modern Swedish Airforce Set Vol I - Bild 1
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For a long time the Royal Netherlands AF helicopters (Alouette IIIs and Bo-105s) used a single-colour RAL6014 scheme (in early 1980s black paint was added in order to improve scheme effectiveness). In mid-1990s Bo-105s moved to tri-colour "NATO scheme" of RAL6031, RAL8027 and RAL9021. The same colours were adopted for AS532U2 Cougar Mk2s. CH-47D Chinooks used overall FS34094 green, while AH-64D Apaches wore standard FS34031 "Helicopter Drab". Only recently overhauled AS532U2 Cougar Mk2s and newly delivered CH-47F Chinooks presented a new colour of FS36118. Apart from the above mentioned colours the set also includes FS36440 - overall colour of the Dutch NH90 NFHs, and RAL5013 - the famous blue colour of "Royal Flight" Alouette IIIs.

HTK-AS80 includes standard colours of Dutch helicopters since 1970s. The set contains:

HTK-A193 – Yellow Olive – RAL6014, overall colour of RNLAF Alouette III (since early-1980s) and MBB Bo-105 (from 1970s till mid-1990s)
HTK-A152 - NATO Green – FS34094 / RAL6031 F9, since mid-1990s in camo of RNLAF AS532U2 and Bo-105CB. Overall colour of CH-47D
HTK-A188 – NATO Brown - FS30051 / RAL8027 F9, used since mid-1990s in camo scheme of RNLAF AS532U2 Cougar Mk2 and Bo-105CB
HTK-A125 – NATO Black – FS37030 / RAL9021 F9, used since mid-1990s in camo scheme of RNLAF AS532U2 Cougar Mk2 and Bo-105CB
HTK-A067 – US Army Helicopter Drab – FS34031, standard overall colour of RNLAF Boeing AH-64D Apache attack helicopter (the same as in US service)
HTK-A031 – Gunship Grey – FS36118, new overall colour of RNLAF transport helicopters (AS532U2 Cougar Mk 2 and new CH-47F Chinook)
HTK-A048 – Light Gull Grey – FS36440, overall colour of NH90 NFH of Dutch Defence Helicopter Command and P-3 Orion CUP (final scheme)
HTK-A274 – Cobalt Blue – RAL5013, overall colour of Alouette III of RNLAF 300 Squadron Royal Flight ("Alouette Flight", disbanded in 2015)

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