1/72 Morane MS.406

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1/72  Morane MS.406 - Bild 1
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1/72  Morane MS.406

The M.S. 406 was the most numerous French fighter of the WWII. In April 1937 an order was placed for fifty M.S. 406s. The fourth pre-production M.S. 405, which has presented a new airplane MS.406, with the engine HS 12Y-31 first flew on 20 May 1938, the radiator for the engine was retractable.
Production began very slowly. The pace picked up during 1939. In all 1,074 M.S. 406s were completed before the collapse of France in June 1940.
At the outbreak of war, the aircraft was already obsolescent. Although sturdy and highly maneuverable, it was under-powered and weakly-armed when compared to its contemporaries. During the battle of France 300 Moranes were lost. The type was more successful in the hands of Swiss air forces who developed indigenous models.
The M.S.406 had a parallel career in Finland. In February 1940 the first 30 French fighters were allocated to LeLv 28, commanded by Major Jusu. The Finland purchased additional M.S.406s and a few M.S.410 from the Germans.

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